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Title Description Language
Social Bookmarks My shared link collection on, en
Torry's Delphi One of the biggest component collections.en
GExpert Here you can download many experts for the Delphi IDE.en
Delphi Works A big collection of Delphi
Spotlight One of the oldest Delphi forums. For 8-years it was shutdown to a read-only mode, now it seems active againde
Homepage von Assarbad A good page with tutorials and open source programs for programming on low, en
Homepage von Michael Puff A page like the one of Assarbad, but not so
Game Programming
DelphiGL One of the best German OpenGl-Sites. It contains many tutorials and has a
GameDev One of the most famous pages about game programming. It contains many tutorials and has a forum.en
ZFX/Developia The fusion of ZFX and Developia, two large forums for German hobby game
C-PlusPlus A C++ Seite with many tutorials and a very big
Single Windows tools
IrfanView A neary universal image viewer.en, de
AV-Personal AV-Personal is a virus scanner which is free of charge for non commercial, en
WinDirStat WinDirStat creates like SpaceMonger a treemap of the uses space. It also displays the used size in an explorer-like tree, but it doesn't show the name of the items on the map.en, (de)
Collection of Windows tools
SysInternals There is a big collection of tools showing system informations (e.g. registry or disk access monitoring).en
Major Geeks There you can find almost every tool you are looking for (but some of them are share- not freeware).en
Weaksignals There you can get two tools for spectral analysis of sound or radio signals among others.en
Shareware-Autoren-VEreinigung A organization of German shareware