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Name Unit Description
AllowJSONDefaultInternal xquery

Default setting for JSON (internally used).

baseJSONiqSchema xquery


baseSchema xquery


defaultHttpClientClass androidinternetaccess


defaultInternetAccessClass internetaccess

default internet access. This controls which internet library the program will use.

defaultInternetConfiguration internetaccess

default configuration, used by all internet access classes

DefaultMockPage mockinternetaccess


GlobalStaticNamespaces xquery

List of namespaces which are known in all XPath/XQuery expressions, even if they are not declared there

j bbjniutils


jContextObject bbjniutils


jvmref bbjniutils

Java VM reference as passed to JNI_OnLoad.

onLoad bbjniutils


onUnload bbjniutils


patternMatcherMatch xquery


patternMatcherParse xquery


patternMatcherVisit xquery


resolveHTMLCallback xquery


XMLNamespace_Expath_File xquery_module_file


XMLNamespace_Math xquery_module_math


XMLNamespace_MyExtensionOperators xquery


XMLNamespace_MyExtensionsMerged xquery


XMLNamespace_MyExtensionsNew xquery


XMLNamespace_XML simplehtmltreeparser


XMLNamespace_XMLNS simplehtmltreeparser


XMLNamespace_XMLSchema xquery


XMLNamespace_XPathFunctions xquery


XQDefaultDecimalFormat xquery


XQGlobalTrimNodes xquery

If XQGlobalTrimNodes is true, the result of every node->string conversion is trimmed. This trimming occurs after and not during the conversion.
E.g. If it is true, text() and deep-text() for <a> a </a> return 'a', and deep-text() for <x><a> a </a><a> b </a></x> returns 'a b'.
(This variable should actually be a property of TXQueryEngine, but that is not possible in the current design, since the values convert themself, and don't know their corresponding parser)

XQGlobalUseIDfromDTD xquery

If XQGlobalUseIDfromDTD is false, the fn:*id* functions will thus assume every attribute with name id is an ID attribute
If XQGlobalUseIDfromDTD is true, only real ID attributes are used. However, simplehtmltreeparser cannot handle DTDs, so it cannot detect ID attributes. So if this is true, only the wrapped fcl-xml parser from simplehtmltreeparserfpdom can be used

XQOnGlobalDebugTracing xquery

Experimental event to trace the evaluation of a query

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